On this page you will understand how to be admitted into the bachelor's program when you are from a foreign country.


BUT MMI Presentation

In September 2021, the length of the “Multimedia and Internet Professions” course changed, from 2 to 3 years. This allows the diploma to be labeled a bachelor and be in line with the European rules.


The technological bachelor in Multimedia and Internet Professions is a multidisciplinary course about web development, audiovisuals, communication and graphic design. During three years, students learn through some subjects. In the first year, the 101 of basically every topic is tackled, in order to explore the different opportunities offered by the bachelor.


During the second year you have to choose a study track. There are three different ones in the official program, but only two are at Champs-sur-Marne. You can either continue in web development or go for digital creation.

After the Bachelor

There are plenty of possibilities of further studies or work. With regard to studies, you can enter an engineering school, a computing school, a master in data processing, or a communication or multimedia school, according to the study track you choose during the second year. The bachelor offers a wide range of professional opportunities. You can exercise professions such as : Community manager, Designer, Game designer, Web developer, Graphic designer, Web writer, UX designer, Project manager.


Useful link for national of the EU, the EEA, the Swiss Confederation, Monaco or Andorra and you wish to enroll in French higher education

You can visit this website from Gustave Eiffel University Let's see !

Useful link for international students outside the European Union and European Economic Area

You can visit this website from Gustave Eiffel University Let's see !

Is it easy to find a student appartment ?

There are some associations around the campus where you can find housing. Visit the following website to have more informations.

Is the University offered help in french ?

Yes ! There are remedial courses give by university. Look at the website for more informations.